alex & harry has been a long time in the making.

Sarah's boys had to grow up.  then she had the time to focus on something that had been on her mind for a long time. She had created a small batch mini line of modern, comfortable, classic, super soft  basic pieces that both her extra small, her pregnant and her extra large friends could wear and could feel good wearing.

the original alex & harry:)

The kids grew up as kids will.  By then Gloria had worn the designs through her pregnancy, her toddler turned 2, she was still living in her alex & harry clothes and was ready to do something else. so, she called Sarah.  She had a vision of growing the line, still keeping it soft and local.

The "super soft" is super important to them.  Someone recently said " If they made butter into fabric, this it would be it!".

Since then the line just keeps expanding. Modern Basics for every body, pieces women will want to wear today...and again tomorrow, and the next day and.....keep the good stuff going.





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